About Us

We are driven by opportunities to leverage our expertise to be a part of something bigger! Visage Collaborative is capacity building resource for impactful organizations, value-rich businesses and community-minded entities.

Visage invests. We become a partner to our clients by working in tandem as an extension of their team. This dynamic allows for Visage to invest in your overall development – thereby creating a relationship that grows along with your vision for your operations.

Visage creatively engages. At project initiation, our clients are immersed in the FLUID© process– a thought-provoking approach that elicits knowledge sharing and drives innovative discussion to yield optimum solutions and strategy. Through this method, you are actively engaged and empowered to shed all limits thereby freeing you to think beyond boundaries.

Visage offers individualized attention. We are dedicated to providing our clients a unique experience that makes a real impact on your important work. Each client is our priority! We provide individualized focus and customized solutions that affirm our commitment to your success.


Visage meaningfully collaborates. Working with our clients is a true partnership – we engage you in a mutual exchange of ideas, thoughts and solutions. This collaboration is the foundation of our client relationship building and allows us to play a meaningful role in the advancement of your objectives.

Visage gives back. Our company acknowledges the responsibility of privilege. Leadership is a privilege. As a leader in the community, we have an opportunity to impact people and their organizations – thereby impacting their ability to invest in our community. We are committed to providing pro bono work and donating our talents, time and insights to very worthy organizations.
our team

our team

We are a dynamic team with nearly 40 years of combined experience. We build strategies that empower.

At Visage Collaborative, we see opportunity where others see insurmountable challenges. You’re tasked with moving mountains and we’re here to help! We bring powerful, innovative solutions and expertise to help you overcome challenges and create a lasting impact.

Our team is composed of innovative technologists, creatives, and mathematicians/data scientists with a spectrum of intelligence disciplines. We craft dynamic human experiences and innovative solutions that challenge the status quo thinking and delivers data-driven, focused solutions that empower our clients to perform in ways they thought were not possible.