Professional Development

We know that building a team of talent who can drive your outcomes and be strong ambassadors of your organization is paramount to your growth.

Through our FLUID™ process, we work with you to build customized, engaging, and relevant professional learning solutions that enable your team to develop the knowledge and skills needed to elevate your impact to new heights!


Keynote Presentations

A keynote from Visage Collaborative is a springboard for transformation. Our exciting presentations, available in a range of topics customizable for your needs and audience, will reframe the challenges and opportunities of your environment by engaging in dialogue that makes transformation possible.

We strive to challenge, inspire and empower your team to think beyond their daily constraints – and allow themselves to evolve. Our presentations evoke collaboration, creativity and critical thinking and have inspired our clients to rethink and redefine their trajectory forward.



Visage Collaborative conferences take several workshops and roll them into one professional development event. Cost-effective and comprehensive, our fully customizable conferences provide multiple hands-on workshops that align with your desired outcomes.



Visage Collaborative workshops are focused on specific topics. Powerful and direct, our workshops are flexible in format and tailored by our team for each client so that the materials and themes resonate with your audience and their needs. More hands-on than a keynote presentation, this professional development service can accommodate all desired participant-to-instructor ratios to maximize your learning experience.


Comprehensive Instructional Design

Visage takes you from start to finish in the development of a high-quality, comprehensive curricula aligned to your needs! We develop curriculum, lead instructional design, facilitate overall development and execute testing.

What sets Visage apart is our ability to create learning solutions that are immersive and motivational. Our approach to partnering with our clients is interactive. This proven approach results in a superior outcome.

Through our FLUID™ process, we ensure that the training need is clearly defined. We proceed by creating courses that are well designed with supporting materials and embed innovative strategies for effective knowledge transfer.

The final product varies in forms; we deliver products in the form of participant guides, leader guides, e-learning modules, webinars, technical documentation, web and mobile applications or implementation of a comprehensive LMS system.